Lessons learned from free living dogs and it’s relevance to wellbeing

About Sindhoor Pangal

Sindhoor PangalSindhoor is a canine behaviour consultant, a canine myotherapist and an engineer by qualification. She is a TEDx speaker and the author of the book, Dog Knows. Sindhoor quit her corporate life  to pursue a career in working with dogs, after her dog Nishi met with an accident and needed special physical and emotional care. She worked as a behaviour and myotherapy consultant for companion dogs, but soon discovered her passion for studying free living dogs in India.

Her insights have been published in the IAABC journal and the PPG blog in the US, was presented at the PDTE summit in the UK and was mentioned in the book Canine Confidential by Dr. Marc Bekoff and a National Geographic Bookazine called the Genius of dogs.

In 2023 she was invited by Michael Shikashio to speak at the Aggression in Dogs Conference in Chicago. She is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on dog behaviour.

She is currently pursuing her masters in Anthrozoology from Exeter University (UK) and is also the principal and director of BHARCS. BHARCS offers a UK accredited level 4 diploma on canine behaviour and applied ethology.

While she wears many hats, Sindhoor’s favourite role has been being a mommy to two amazing dogs – Nishi  and Cheeru, who she considers her inspiration and her greatest teachers.

Sindhoor Pangal

Lessons learned from free living dogs and it’s relevance to wellbeing

During this seminar Sindhoor Pangal will bridge the gap between streeties and household dogs, opening our minds with her research and view on dogs.

Day 1

Introduction to the lives of free living dogs (FLDs)

Terminology, temperament & breed variations in FLDs, myths about FLDs and relevance of studies on FLDs in the context of companion dogs. Can we compare free living dogs with pet dogs? Do they behave the same way?

Activity budget of free living dogs

Ethograms of FLDs and it’s relevance to welfare of our companion dogs. How do dogs spend their days when they have choice? What does this have to do with welfare? How can we help our dogs to be happier in our households?

Day 2

Qualitative study on dogs’ sensitivity and responses to human body language

Introduction to the difference between quantitative and qualitative studies, power of qualitative studies, presentation of the study findings.

Sindhoor will present remarkable footage on how dogs are so sensitive to the tiniest movement in our body language. It makes people pause and think about how we are just so oblivious about how our bodies and presence impact our dogs. We do not see that every minute, we are moving and talking so much and the dog is interpreting all of it, but in ways we do not know. So we too need to be mindful of ourselves around our dogs.

Social entanglements of free living dogs

Complexity in the social entanglements of dogs, how dogs maintain this complexity and how they resolve conflict. Sindhoor offers lots of video footage of streeties interacting with each other. What can we learn from free living dogs in order to provide what they need and to be good companions to our beloved pet dogs?


De Schildkamp
Leerdamseweg 44, 4147 BM Asperen

How much does it cost?

EUR 240,00 excl. VAT p.p.

Lunch, coffee, tea, fruit water and good company are included.

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